A Romance in Lower Mathematics

by The Awful Din

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released May 26, 2012

Recorded by David Ludlow
Mastered by Ronald Llewellyn



all rights reserved


The Awful Din Phoenix, Arizona

Arizona Mathcore
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Track Name: Beginter...Fox
Can’t you see?
If only, you could
The eyes deceive
Tell your mind to quiet down
Give way to new directive
All your self doubt is screaming
Try to push it out
You’re crying out
“Woe is me”
They can’t see it
No they can’t see a thing
While blinded by their self-seeking aims
“I’m wallowing”
Track Name: The Doldrums
Intransitive life
Continuous realities
To dream-exist
Content with vacant lives
You can do anything as long as it’s nothing
You can do anything as long as it’s nothing
The empty space we fill
Shapes our actuality
What’s real? What has substance?
Ideally, this life is a novelty
The comfort we have left
Incongruent reality
Unaware the dangers
Of becoming stagnant
Still and unmoving
Still and unmoving
Still and unmoving
Inertia is tiresome
Track Name: Condition of Being Estranged and Disassociated
The cold creeps to my bones
And I've got this feeling
I can't break the patterns
I need to disown
I need to discard
To dissect myself
Weakened by this illness,
I must cut it out
In disrepair
On a dissonant cord
I’m introverted
Captive in my failing system
Like a walking cadaver
Track Name: Fight or Flight
At the seams
Drawn out
Stretched thin
Pull it together
Disassemble again
Disassemble again
And hope to live another night
Everything will be alright
The future is bright
The future is bright
Hope to live another night
Everything will be alright